Veterans Financial Assistance Program- Testimonials

Rosalinda Molano Blount and Randall Blount

Randy on Flag Day

This testimonial is our first-hand account of the support services we received from the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) grant that helped my husband and I survive 2020 as well as the outreach and support that came from the Community Council of South Central Texas(CCSCT).

Like so many other families we were skeptical of asking for help because we knew applicants vie for assistance and often the assistance runs out before everyone is helped.

It was unbelievable when a call came in from a Mr. Kenneth Loy, the CCSCT Veteran Services Coordinator.  My husband is a Viet Nam era vet with Stage 4 Prostate cancer and I am his caregiver and spouse with Breast Cancer. The Senior apartment home we live in has been raising the rent since we arrived in 2016 and the travel and meal cost we have incurred since my husband began his cancer treatment in San Antonio has caused extreme stress as to how we will be able to afford another month’s rent. My husband receives SSI and I receive Social Security. Regardless of how we put our money together to pay bills and utility costs, we always have to choose between peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to nutritional meals to live on.

Our sincere  gratitude goes out  to the CCSCT which has been a most helpful resource in providing local services  that serve as beacons of hope to those in need ; and to the TVC which  had the foresight and the writers to seek the assistance most needed by Texas vets. Together they have formed a golden partnership to help vets and even those in their golden years meet the financial burdens that we each carry. Receiving that call from Mr. Loy was truly God Sent. Mr. Loy asked if we still needed help with our rent and I will never forget how I felt hearing this stranger’s voice and question. Prior to this call, my husband and I had begun packing up our belongings knowing we might have to leave our tiny apartment. Veterans across this our nation are proud to have served and too often Vets think of others before themselves. Had it not been for Mr. Loy’s hard work and outreach I have no idea what would have happened to us. We were finally able to sleep and get the rest we both so much needed.   The respite we received allowed us to live in peace as we work through our illnesses. There are still so many other vets in our community and in the ranch communities of Val Verde County  that remain silent and prayful as they  try to make each day count. We come from a generation where we didn’t ask for help, and so many still don’t. Not asking for help only puts us all at greater risk for health and mental health issues. I send prayers and blessings to all those who rolled their sleeves up and believed they could win a grant to help Texas Veterans and to all the Community Councils of Texas that fight hard to help those in need.

Respectfully and Thankful,

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Blount

Michael M. Wray


My name is Michael Wray and I was diagnosed with having the corona virus.  Because of this virus and the ongoing pandemic, I fell extremely ill and was unable to work which put me in a very difficult financial problem.  I am extremely grateful for Kenneth Loy, for working so diligently with the Texas Veterans Commission to assure I didn’t become homeless during this very trying time in my life.  I appreciated the professionalism and the heart to go above and beyond to serve our country’s veterans.  I am extremely grateful for this program and I hope it will continue to assist those veterans who desperately need your services.

Very Respectfully,

Michael M. Wray MA, R.T. (R)


Stephanie R. Goedecke & Family

To whom it may concern:
Sir or ma’am,
We were referred to Kenneth who assisted us in a quick & most helpful manner for our Rent. Ken’s professionalism is outstanding & he most definitely went above & beyond to assist both myself & my family. I would like to express my most humble & sincere thanks to Kenneth Loy from the CCSCT Veterans Services for his outstanding, compassionate, kind, respectful & mostly his patience in & with the handling of our case.  Both my young daughters were infected with Covid 19 & sadly, our financial budget was in serious jeopardy as my husband was out of work for 1 1/2 months. During the time my family was down & out, Ken often called to check on us to see if we needed food etc…he is awesome!
We cannot thank Ken enough, he has been more than a blessing to our family!!

I would highly recommend CCSCT to any of my fellow veterans for assistance. The agency has helped my family make a huge recovery both mentally & financially.  CCSCT put our mind at ease, knowing they were there to help with our financial needs 100%!!!

God bless the agency & the work it does for all veteran families 🙏!!

Thank you,
Stephanie R. Goedecke & Family


Benito T. Bazan

Special Thanks to the Texas Veterans Commission and Community Council of South Central Texas:

It was a great pleasure meeting Mr. Kenneth G. Loy and his progressive reception in helping me and so many other veterans.

Like so many other Americans hit hard by this Coronavirus pandemic, I was disposed into a worrisome financial predicament. My wife and I adopted four children 13 years ago. My oldest son graduated this year from MVISD and joined the U.S. Navy as a Nuclear Engineer.

I was so badly in financial stress when I asked the TVC office for help. I thought it was rather silly when so many of us are asking at the same time. I was then referred by the TVC to give Ken G. Loy a call. I was skeptical about calling giving that there are so many in need. Having faith in my creator, I made the call and to my astonishment the more I engage with Ken about my financial problems, the more he listened to my needs and understood how I was in severe need of help.

Ken Loy really values the nature of the Veterans Financial Assistance Program (VTAP) by helping me. His Coordination with my debtors and never giving up on me once, helped me to internalize a better financial outcome. The TVC Fund for Veterans’ Assistance is no doubt a notable support for so many Veterans in need.

After being behind on my mortgage, light, and water bill-the VFAP was a guardian with their help to me and in support of other Veterans, Veteran Dependents, and Surviving Spouses. I truly hope these types of funds will continue to support our Veterans.


Benito T. Bazan

23-year Veteran

U.S. Army