CCSCT Hosts, “Team Uvalde”

Community Council of South Central Texas proudly hosted the March 2020 meeting of the “Team Uvalde” Community group. Staff members informed those in attendance about CCSCT’s mission and organizational history, as well as the available programs and services that make an impact on the daily lives of many locals. In 2019, about 1,130 households received CCSCT assistance in Uvalde County. “CCSCT is a helping hand to those in need,” stated Coordinator Sylvia Perez, “we are hosting Team Uvalde today to reach more families and individuals by informing community leaders about how we can help.” Team Uvalde brings together leaders and points of contact from across various industries. The group meets once a month to discuss local resources, issues, events and goals. CCSCT is delighted to have hosted the group, and looks forward to collaborating in the future.